Abdelsalam Hamid Mohammed Ahmed Bashir Biraima El Sheikh Mohammed El- khidir


Purpose:  this study aims to test the factors affecting on women entrepreneurial intention. The study relied on the theory of planned behaviour to interpret the entrepreneurial intention. Methodology; based on the descriptive methodology the study tested the factors of women entrepreneurial intention. The data for this study has been collected by survey from a anon-probability purposive sampling methods the sample size was 251 respondents  of Sudanese entrepreneurial women in Khartoum state. The data collected from the responds was prepared and analyzed; by SPSS; software AMOS; Findings; the results of the study showed that entrepreneurial attitude; has a significant positive effect on entrepreneurial intention, risk-taking propensity; has no significant positive on entrepreneurial intention and creativity has no significant on entrepreneurial intention. Implications for theory and practice; from a practice point of view, the study tested how Sudanese women’s entrepreneurial attitude; risk-taking propensity; and creativity can develop entrepreneurial intention. Originality and value; the main contribution of the study is forming the combination of the factors affecting on women’s entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial intention among Sudanese women entrepreneurs.


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Keywords (1-4): Entrepreneurship 1, Entrepreneurial Attitdue2, Risk-taking propensity 3, creativity4, Entrepreneurial intention

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Hamid, A., Bashir Biraima, M. A., & El- khidir, E. S. M. (2022). factors affecting on women entrepreneurial intention: A study on Sudanese entrepreneurial women. International Journal of Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship, 5(2), 67-89. https://doi.org/10.23960/ijebe.v5i2.197